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Pool Repair & Restoration

A swimming pool is the ultimate source of relaxation, fun and enjoyment for any homeowner.  A swimming pool is a sizable investment and costly asset to any home and it must be regularly, and properly, maintained to ensure a long lifespan and safe swimmable water.  Weekly pool maintenance provides the foundation needed to keep your pool healthy and functional and most importantly, that swimming oasis that you dream of.  When a pool is not routinely maintained bacteria will rapidly grow and become unsightly, unsafe, and very difficult to eliminate.

Our weekly pool service will keep your pool clean, ensure that your pool’s water is properly balanced and that your filtration and circulation systems are running smoothly. Our trained and experienced pool maintenance technicians know what it takes to keep your pool in pristine condition and will do everything it takes to be sure that it happens.  When you are our client we can uniquely tailor a weekly pool maintenance to fit your specific pool’s needs and make sure that it is beautiful year-round and ideal to swim in whenever you want.

Filter cleaning repair & installation

Your pool filter helps clean your pool and circulate chemicals throughout the pool to ensure the best quality water for swimming. While there are a wide variety of pool filters, they all must be routinely cleaned and maintained so that your pool can continue to run properly. Because there are many varieties of pool filters there are also a variety of ways to clean them so it is important to use the services of a professional so that you know your unique pool filter is being cleaned properly. Should a problem arise and a filter replacement be necessary, only a trained professional will be able to do the filter installation and get your pool back to proper working order.

Pool equipment troubleshooting & repair

When a problem occurs with pool equipment it can be quite confusing. The longer you wait to repair the problem, the bigger it grows and the more difficult to repair it becomes. There are a lot of pieces of equipment that keep a pool functioning so troubleshooting the problem is necessary to determine where exactly it is originating and how to be repair it. Allow our experienced technicians to help identify equipment problems and promptly get them repaired. By getting problems repaired in a timely and professional manner you can extend the life of your pool equipment.

Pump repair installation & troubleshooting

Pool pumps help circulate water throughout the pool, distributing important chemicals and ensuring water does not remain stagnant. It is one of the most important piece of pool equipment and if there is a problem with your pump it should be fixed immediately. It can be difficult for most people to determine what exactly is wrong with a pool pump as it requires a level of experience and education only a professional would have. We provide efficient and effective service to troubleshoot your pump problems and effectively make the necessary repairs.

Equipment leak detection

All pools naturally lose some water over time due to evaporation or splash out, but it should never be a significant amount. If you have noticed the water level in your pool has decreased significantly, or a sharp increase in your water bill, you may have a pool leak. Pool leaks are tricky because while you may be certain you have one, it is very hard to locate the source of the leak. Our experienced team knows how to do a complete pool leak inspection to determine the source of the leak and promptly repair it so that your pool does not cause damage and remains efficient.

Pool equipment upgrades

Even if your pool started off with top of the line equipment, over time, equipment deteriorates. Additionally, with advances in technology pool equipment today is much more efficient than pool equipment 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. If your in- ground pool has outdated equipment it may not be running efficiently and is most likely costing you more in utilities than it should. At Peak One Pools, our team of experts can help you determine what equipment needs to be updated and when so that your pool continues to sparkle and work as efficiently as possible.

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