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Pool Remodel

When your pool has seen better days it may be time for something as simple as a facelift but if system equipment is outdated or other major problems exist, it is probably time for a pool remodel.  When a pool is in need of a major overhaul, or is just not very visually appealing, Peak One Pools can transform your pool into the resort-like oasis you dream of.  In addition to changing the look, shape and features of your pool, Peak One Pools can remodel the patio or deck surrounding your pool as well.  By making these changes a remodel will give your pool and outdoor living space a completely new look and feel.

Your landscape and pool have potential, it just may be a bit hard to see.  Our experts at Peak One Pools are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with pool construction and remodel and we bring a well-trained eye and attention to detail that is unparalleled.   When you choose to remodel your pool it can be scaled up or down to meet your specific needs and desires.  Remodeling your pool can include tile replacement and repair, water feature installation, interior surface refinishing, deck surface refinishing, cleaning system update or replacement, structural repairs, pool automation, addition of a spa, and much more.  With a pool remodel, the sky is the limit and at Peak One Pools, we work hard to provide direction and advise, answer any questions, keep clients well informed and ultimately provide a swimming pool and outdoor living experience to our client’s complete satisfaction.

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