Pool Automation

Home automation is all the rage and for good reason – when things are automated it simplifies life.  Just like home automation, pool automation will make owning a pool easier and more fun.  At the touch of a button you could control your pool or spa’s lighting, pH, filtering, temperature, cleaning and sanitization, and more.  When you automate your pool it takes the work out of pool and spa ownership and leaves more time for relaxing and having fun in your pool.

Pool automation is not just about making life easier, though that is a big benefit.  Pool automation is also a way to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save money.  By automating your pool you can save as much as an astonishing 70% on your pool’s energy costs.  In this busy world where many homeowners are constantly on the go, pool automation is ideal because changes can be made from anywhere on a variety of devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets, computers and more.  Automation, coupled with technology, is the premier way to monitor what is happening with your pool and make adjustments as soon as needed so that your pool is always efficient and safe for swimming.  Pool automation is completely scalable, easily adapted for the needs of each unique homeowner.  Automation and energy efficiency are the way of the future and by making automating your pool  you will enjoy all of the benefits it provides while adding value to your home.

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