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Fire Pits and Water Features

When designing your landscape there are a lot of things to consider.  Small features and large features must be added so that your landscape does not feel one dimensional or boring.  Each element that you add will bring a personal touch, add value to your landscape, and immensely enhance the potential for relaxation and enjoyment.  Water features and fire pits each have their own unique benefits including aesthetic enhancement, neighborhood noise reduction, and recreational fun.

Our expert craftsmen are knowledgeable and skilled about how to add unique features like fire pits or water features to a landscape that seems natural and flows well with the overall design.  Water features such as waterfalls, bubblers, deck jets and laminars, grottos, pool slides, sheer descents and scuppers, and more are beautiful, fun and add another layer of relaxation to landscape.  The sound of running water, trickling water and bubbling streams have been shown time and time again to dramatically enhance relaxation.  And, if you are more in the mood for fun recreation and a great time playing outside a pool slide is sure to entertain anyone in the family.

Fire pits are a great way to enhance any day or night, no matter what season it is.  Whether you want to roast marshmallows for s’mores after a dip in the pool during the summer or want to curl up with a blanket during the cooler months, you will enjoy have a fire pit right in your own backyard.  If you are not going to spend time around it, fire features from fire pits throughout your landscape are a great way to add lighting and visual interest for gatherings.  Fire pits extend your outdoor entertaining options and provide entertainment and fun all year long.

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